Greek Lamb Meatballs (Paleo/Whole30)

Greek Lamb Meatballs full of fresh herbs and spices and pan-fried to get the outside super crispy, while keeping the middle juicy and tender. Served alongside fresh tomato and cucumber salad, herby cauliflower rice, and homemade tzatziki to bring it all together. These greek bowls make a great balanced meal packed with protein and healthy fats and are great for fun weeknight dinner or meal prep.
Prep : 5 mins
Cook : 30 mins
Total Time : 1 hr 35 mins
Serves : 6 servings (30 meatballs)
Greek bowl full of cauliflower rice, greek lamb meatballs, greek salad, lettuce, and tzatziki. Next to it is another bowl and half a juiced lemon.